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Visual Discrimination

Visual Discrimination lets us see differences between objects that are similar. Good visual discrimination helps keep us from getting confused. For example, when we read, its visual discrimination that lets us see that "was" and "saw" are different even though they have the same letters. Puzzle games that ask us to tell how two pictures are different are good ways to help develop visual discrimination.

Position in Space

Position in Space The ability to master position in space is important to understanding directional language concepts such as in, out, up, down, in front of, behind, between, left, and right. Children who reverse letters, especially b's, d's, p's and q's, experience difficulty with Position In Space perception. The child's confusion relates to what position the parts of the letter occupy in relation to one an-other or the position the symbol occupies in the overall space of the paper. For example, with b and d confusion (Is the circle to the left or to the right of the straight line?) and with b and p confusion (Is the straight line above or below the blue line on the paper?). Children go through life with the knowledge that their car on the floor will always be their car, irrespective if it is on his wheels or if its upside-down on its roof, it’s still a car. The problem comes a bit later when a “b” upside down is called “p”. All there life a car was a car but now an upside down car is a helicopter – this is a tough concept to grasp

Visual Memory

Visual Memory is another important perceptual skill. It helps us recall what we've seen. Our exercise = Click on the buttons below and you will see a picture for five seconds, and then it will disappear. After the picture disappears, can you re-member the items you saw in the same order?

Motor Skills

Fine-tune fine-motor skills. Pushing keys and manipulating a mouse gives those chubby toddler hands and fingers the same type of valuable workout they get from finger painting or doodling. These fine-motor movements also hone eye-hand co-ordination and that’ll pay off for years to come as your little one learns to catch a ball, use scissors, or put together a tricky puzzle.


Visual Closure is the ability to visualise a complete whole when given incomplete information or a partial picture. This skill helps us understand things quickly because our visual system doesn't have to process every detail to recognise what we're seeing. Where we're reading, this skill helps us recognise sight words

Form Constancy

Visual Form Constancy is the ability to mentally turn and rotate objects in our minds and picture what they would look like. This skill helps us distinguish differences in size, shape, and orientation. Children with poor form-constancy may frequently reverse letters and numbers.


The ability to see an object or form distinct from other objects/forms or from the background is important when we're presented with a lot of visual information at one time.

Children with Figure Ground weakness will have difficulty picking out and focusing attention on a specific object, or detail of an object from surrounding objects, for example, identifying a particular word in a paragraph. They may seem inattentive and unable to keep their place when reading and in number work. They will be easily distracted. Difficulties may be experienced in drawing a straight line between boundaries, in finding their place in a workbook, in finding today's date on the board, and in finding objects such as a screwdriver in a toolbox or toys in a toy box.

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