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22 years . . . and still loving every moment.

Circa 1998 these High School sweethearts got married way up North and took the leap moving to beautiful Cape Town.  Getting married, moving and starting a new business in just 3 months – we survived still smiling and still in love and knew we were in it for the long haul:)

Seeing Table Mountain every day still takes my breath away and we try and remember to stay in awe of the beauty Cape Town has to offer – sometimes we still feel like tourists, even after 22 years! 

Settling in our friends were complaining and scurrying about to meet all the needs for extra-murals and we had a light bulb moment.  We combined our love for teaching kids, education and technology and VOILA – Click A Mouse was born.  Taking the computer classroom to the school instead of taking kids to the classroom made life so much easier for both parents and schools alike.

We started of with one little school up the road and we’ve been blessed in every aspect since.   Now we are doing the scurrying about with two mobile classrooms and are teaching at more than 50 schools from coastline to coastline – what a superb ride it has been so far.  

Teaching all over the Peninsula gives us the opportunity to play a little part in so many lives.  Seeing the children grow and learn – getting self confident and actually feeling their enthusiasm is definitely fantastic but the best part is the smiles and sounds of laughter  – seeing little faces light up when you walk into the classroom……I’m pretty sure that is what a rock-star feels like on stage :).  I am convinced the kids have as big an impact on our lives as we have on theirs and what a privilege it is to have them touch your heart.

Having a little one of our own along the line (not so little anymore) and even some of our first students enrolling their own kids we surely gained a few grey hairs but by the grace of God we have had a marvelous 22 years and still loving every moment.

Cannot wait to meet your most precious little one and we are looking forward to teaching them and embracing each individual personality to develop to the absolute best of their ability.

Cheers to the next 22 years!


Tsego Molebe

"My child was shy at her new school but her confidence grew as she was praised and boosted at Click - A - Mouse, this gave her the courage to make new friends”

Telana Kriel

"The only morning I could get my child out of bed was when it was Click - A - Mouse day - He LOVED it!”

Jessie White

"The primary school congratulated me on my child's computer skills - I had to admit it was Click - A - Mouse - we don't even have a computer at home”

Lilly Anderson

"My child was so confident on a computer - she started showing me what to do”

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